Whenever a customer entrusts us with a development, we dedicate our best efforts to efficiently meet his expectations.

Because an efficient and robust circuit is first and foremost an accurately specified circuit, we strive to grasp the system in which it operates. We deeply believe understanding the application environment this is the best way to limit risks and optimize design/products development costs and delays.

In this spirit, we have, within ASYGN, developed from day one, proprietary tools and methodologies targeting system level verification enabling automatic nightly checks ensuring that development is constantly in line with its specification.

As ASYGN starts a new chapter of its history, aiming at a proprietary sensor product portfolio, we decided to formalize our approach within a Quality Management System focusing on Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Our commitment in this respect encompasses:

  • consistent Focus on Customer actual need in so far they can be addressed,
  • total transparency regarding any issue (and related Remedy Action plan),
  • compliance with relevant law and regulations.

Because ASYGN is ultimately a group of nimble people proud of dedicating their efforts and enthusiasm to deliver the company’s promise, we pay highest attention to mutual respect and trust fostering a caring and sustainable environment where innovation is nurtured, and knowledge-sharing and apprenticeship is promoted.

Finally, because we all share the same planet, we believe it is our duty to promote any simple and modest moves that makes our industry more environment friendly.

Grenoble, July 15th, 2021

Daniel Saias CEO
Nicolas Delorme CTO
Ewa Michaud, QMS Pilot
Anne Cottour, Production Process Pilot
Christophe Le Blanc, Head of System Department
Lionel Geynet, Head of RFID Product Line