About us

Some Apocryphal quotes from the ones who made the history of analog design :

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in front of a design schematic” {Churchill}

“Real world has its limits, Analog design has none” {Jean-Jacques Rousseau}

“There are three sorts of people: those who are alive, those who are dead, and analog circuit designers” {Aristotle}

ASYGN’s journey started in 2008 with the ambition to deliver efficient analog circuit design. This namely included building specific Design Automation Tools dedicated to automatize analog circuit system level verification. The point was to ensure that before any circuit was deemed ready for Tape Out there should not remain even the mere possibility that it did not comply with its specification.

From 2010, ASYGN started to deliver actual designs to its first customers focusing on low power analog, Radio Frequency and Sensor circuits. As the design teams grew, including digital design, test engineers, firm ware and software designers, project leaders…), so did the addressed circuit complexity. Going one step further ASYGN decided, starting in 2015, to move fabless and provide its customers with dedicated chips (/chip families) that could directly fit their purpose namely focussing on four main fields :

RF (SATCOM, wide band conversion, Front End, PLL…)

Sensor interface (Capacitive / Resistive MEMS interface, circuits to interface inertial transducers, Strain, Humidity sensors, low power analog interfaces)

RFID sensing : world’s first provider of UHF RFID sensor chips enabling battery-free sensing applications. Our IC’s are powered by any RAIN RFID reader, it works with standard EPC Global Gen2 protocol and requires no special commands. These chips can measure the temperature, strain gage, relative humidity/moisture, ambient light.

Green AI (Database construction, Dedicated Network optimization, low power Inference chip design, that can easily be deployed combined with a small solar cells)

The company initial founders include Loic Joet, Nicolas Delorme, Daniel Saias and Joel Monnier. They wished to build the frame in which they enjoyed working. ASYGN would however not be what it is today without the many people that contributed along the way and are, for the most part, still with ASYGN. Originally based in Grenoble Area in the French Alps, ASYGN now operates not only from Grenoble, but also from Montpellier (France), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Atlanta (GA, USA).

Maintaining the original spirit of enjoying efficiently solving our customer design challenges as a team (and as respectfully of the environment as possible) has been, and will hopefully be, the company’s mainspring in the foreseeable future.