Artificial intelligence

We are providing edge AI computing solutions from use-case study to full deployment on-the-field. ASYGN can provide its expertise in ultra-low power AI and machine-learning to your project and guide you through the full deployment process.

Depending on the envisaged use-case, the most suitable platform could be :
– An on-the-shelf Neural Processing Unit (NPU) hardware platform.
– ASYGN’s AI chip embedding an ultra-low power NPU associated to a light RISC-V core and peripherals.
– A custom ‘sensor + NPU IP’ hardware platform tailored to a specific use-case.

Our team is still working on enabling full customization for our offers. Contact us for more information.

Artificial Intelligence Asygn



AS6001 is a standalone vision AI box that enables you to monitor road traffic. It’s a customized AI solution with dedicated software optimized for edge deployment.

Images are locally processed in real-time with no need for any fast external network connection. An external connection (to internet or private network) is needed only for database interrogations, alerting, and configurations.


Artificial intelligence for road trafic analysis
Artificial intelligence for road trafic analysis


AS6001 Asygn - Artificial intelligence