RF/millimeter wave
IC Design House

Full custom integrated circuit design solutions,
from system to product.

DC up to 100GHz

High Speed ADC, Analog Beamforming, Automotive Radar and Telecom MIMO Architectures.

High speed ADC
(Analog to digital converter)

10 Gbps
20 GHz input bandwidth
Sat-com/milAero application

Analog Beamforming

X, Ku and Ka bands.
Amplitude and phase control
LNA, buffers and passive design
Sat-com applications
PKG mmW design & cosimulations

Automotive RADAR

77 GHz mmW design
Buffers, PA & passive design


Massive MIMO 5G sub 6 GHz

5G/LTE application
Full transceiver multichannel chip

Technology nodes: 22nm to 180nm CMOS node including FDSOI, 130nm SiGe BiCMOS.

3D EM simulation approach to chip-to-PCB transition

LNA PKG cosimulation
BGA PKG implementations
Multi layer PCB
Crosstalk, shielding & impedance matching
Analog Beamforming, data center & HPC applications

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