ASYGN is the world's first provider of UHF RFID sensor chips enabling batteryless sensing applications.

Patended technology,  fully compliant with RAIN RFID infrastructures, the AS321X chips feature an analog interface for connection to external sensors and embedded sensors such as temperature, strain, ambient light, magnetic field, motion or electrical contact.

UHF RFID sensor IC : AS3213T Temperature


Temperature sensor

This sensor can monitor temperature and communicate data up to several meters away. AS3213T temperature sensors can be used in different applications including industrial temperature monitoring, the analysis of ambient atmospheres and in cold chain.

UHF RFID sensor IC : AS3213RH Humidity


Relative Humidity sensor

The AS3213RH is a unique UHF RFID battery-free humidity sensor that is part of Asygn’s AS321X chip family. It includes a temperature sensor together with a humidity sensor for applications in agriculture or in controlled environments.

UHF RFID sensor IC : AS3213S Strain


Strain sensor

In addition to the already integrated temperature sensor, a strain sensor is embedded inside the AS3213S IC to monitor extension, compression or bending.

Partnership with TAGEOS

Tageos was one of the first partner who embedded the ICs of the AS321X family on to their labels. It is a French label producer who stands out by a distinct strategy and the dedication to providing the most innovative and highest-quality products. Headquartered in Montpellier in the southern part of France, Asygn has worked with Tageos for a long time. “We are truly thankful that the Asygn chip is embedded in Tageos’ EOS-840 Sensor products, giving them the capability to sense temperature, strain or light.”

Partnership with HID

Asygn has, to date, realized a number of industrial applications with HID Global. It has involved the production of a robust RFID tag solution that allows customers in the renewable energy sector to optimize availability and prevent unplanned outages. Asygn’s AS321X ICs are embedded in tags in hydropower installations, in concrete or electrical cabinets where they measure temperatures, relative humidity, deformation and improve condition monitoring.