4id Solutions is embedding ASYGN IC/chipsets for Sensory Labels and Tags

4id Solutions with their advanced proprietary processes and equipment with the ability to track and trace raw material and quality from the beginning to the end of their production process, makes them the perfect and valuable partner.

Use cases/applications

  • Agriculture
  • Building & Construction

Benefits of these tags to customers/industries…


  • Improve yields, optimise costs & primary resources
  • Control conditions & optimise productivity
  • Ensure plant seeds are stored under ideal conditions
  • Optimise wine aging & enhance cellar storage
  • Track animal behaviour & ensure good health

Building & Construction

  • Optimise & speed up concrete cycle time & prevent issues
  • Control the aging process, increase safety & reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs & prevent degradation by detecting leaks

About 4id

4id Solutions specializes in the innovative manufacture of smart labels and tags using RFID & other contactless technologies.

As an established RFID converter with a proven global reputation for delivering high-quality RFID products, 4id continues to set the standards for what customers should expect from their converter.

Through an array of proprietary processes and unparalleled production efficiencies, 4id presents innovations that transcend the realm of current industry thinking.

Working with innovative partners around the world, 4id is constantly looking to embrace opportunities for novel and sustainable applications and products which offer that little something extra.


Asygn logo

RFID Sensing; Major provider of UHF RFID Sensory Chips enabling passive (battery-free) sensing applications.  ASYGN IC/chipsets are powered by any RAIN RFID compliant reader, to work with standard EPC Global Gen 2 protocol and requires no special commands.

In 2021,  ASYGN launched its  first “AS321X” family of products with Temperature, Relative Humidity, Strain, Motion, Pressure, Light and external sensors. The AS321X chips feature an analog interface for connection to external sensors, as well as the on-chip sensors.

ASYGN IC/chipsets are able to  provide the sensor data up to seven meters away. Temperature sensors can be used in different applications; building, agriculture, predictive maintenance, food freshness, standard cold chain, monitoring livestock, watering control and monitoring, logistics, automotive, and countless other use cases. RFID Applications – ASYGN